The PhotoPreneur Podcast

00: Welcome to the PhotoPreneur Podcast

Welcome to The PhotoPreneur Podcast.

It’s exciting to finally launch this new podcast where we talk to successful photographers on how they started making money from their art and creating a photography business.  Value packed with actionable advice for you to impliment and start earning an income from your photography

This very first episode is an introduction to the podcast. Lukas and I chat about what you can expect with this podcast, what we will cover on future episodes, the photographers we will be talking to, and about us, Lukas Reidl and Carl van den Boom your unbearably funny and outrageously good looking hosts. Ok we aren’t that funny or that good looking but we will tell you a bit about ourselves.


Things we cover on this show:

  • where to find back episodes
  • where to subscribe
  • leaving a review
  • How often the podcast will be published
  • About the two hosts Carl and Lukas
  • Professional Photographers interviewed on upcoming episodes.

Mentioned on the episode: