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17: The fastest way to get your first client, sending emails with Julian Stocker

In this episode we take a look at the fundamentals of a photography business… Getting a client and getting paid!

What is the quickest way you can get a client and start actually making a business? As a photographer, this isn’t spending hours designing your logo or perfecting your website, it’s actual conversations with perspective clients. The easiset and fastest method is to send an email or pick up the phone.

In this episode we talk with our good friend Julian Stocker.  A  videographer in Voss, Norway, he makes a living by creating social media content for different local companies. His method to getting these clients; Emails and in person meetings.

We talk with Julian about how he approaches his emails and how he executes to get the client.

The second part of this episode we carry on the topic of sending emails and we look at reaching out to Brands and photography gear companies to try and create partnerships, collaborate and become brand ambassadors.
As co-founder of Vallerret Photography Gloves, I receive mulitple emails asking for such things, so I give my two cents on how you should approach brands in order to improve your odds with creating a successful partnership.


What you will learn with this episode:

  • What to say in an email
  • getting in front of your perspective client
  • what to say in your first meeting
  • tracking your emails
  • tracking your performance
  • Starting a newsletter for companies you want to work for
  • reaching out to brands
  • The purpose of an email


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