7 Photography Business Ideas

Ep 10: 7 Photography Business Ideas with Rickard Croy

It’s our 10th episode!!! To celebrate this momentous occasion we are mixing it up and have invited Shutter Showdown winner, Rickard Croy to joins us and throw around some photography business ideas.

Commerical and sport photographer, our good friend Rickard Croy is a also a film maker hailing from Sweden. We have a laugh and toss around ideas related to starting a photography business or even just photography projects that can make some money. These ideas have either been floating around our heads for a while or a spur of the moment sketch that would be fun to implement given the right time.

From a “Photographer Photographer” to an “Elderly Photo Course” the hope of this episode is that these ideas can inspire you, our treasured listener to transform an idea and go and start making money with your photography.
Feel free to use anything discussed on the episode as your own (if you dare).


Discussed on this episode:

  • 7 Photography Business ideas
  • Bonus tips – Follow the money + Air BnB for locations.
  • Doing things for fun versus doing things for money.
  • Find a new hobby if your hobby becomes your profession.
  • Look for a gap in the market.

Mentioned on the show:

  • Rickard Croy
  • Shutter Showdown
  • Tinder
  • Vallerret Photography Gloves
  • Troltunga

We hope you enjoy this episode. It is a slightly different format then usual so let us know what you think by leaving a comment below or send us an email to contact@photopreneurpodcast.com

We would also love to know if you have just started a photography business, used one of these ideas and made your first buck or have some photography business ideas that you would like to share.


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