Episode 3 : Take risk and bet on yourself with Chad Blakely
Take the risk and back yourself with Chad Blakely

03: Take the Risk and Bet on yourself with Chad Blakely

Episode 03

Chad Blakely created Lights over lapland, a Northern Lights photography tour company in the north of Sweden

He started off by himself and a hand full of guests in his first season, his company has grown to great proportions which now includes a transport company to fulfil the logistical needs of his photo tours.

“luck is where preparation meets opportunity”

Chad has some outstanding advice for getting started, with a grass roots approach you will be able to relate to his story and see that creating your own photography business is truly possible.


What you will learn on this show

  • saving for gear then starting up slowly
  • Being the first in a niche
  • marketing for a tour company
  • be willing to take calculated risks and back yourself
  • Traveling and lifestyle
  • Capturing the Northern Lights
  • Key advice to getting started with your own tour

Mentioned on the show

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