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Pasi Salminen on the photopreneur podcast

08: Get paid even when your shots get stolen with Cannon Nordic Photographer Pasi Salminen

Episode #8, Pasi Salminen. Finland’s own snowboard photography guru and Canon Nordic Photographer Pasi Salminen joins us this week. Pasi has been Eero Etalla’s photographer for the past 12 years and has a wealth of knowledge not only within the snowboarding industry but across the table. On this episode we talk more then just snowboarding and […]

How to make money as a landscape photographer

Ep 6: How Landscape Photographers Can Make an Income, with David Johnston

Episode #06 with DAVID JOHNSTON   For a long time now I have wondered how landscape photographers make money. I myself have been doing more and more landscape photography, and other then just being stoked on getting out and exploring I am left wondering how to pay for the gear that I want to buy […]

How to make money as a volunteer, with Jeff Schultz on the photopreneur podcast

05: How to make money as a volunteer, with Jeff Schultz

Episode #05 Being a volunteer doesn’t sound profitable, however Jeff Schultz has found the recipe to making a great career and selling his work through volunteering. Finding a specialty and being unique is a true ingredient to being recognised as a leader and building yourself a client base. Jeff Schultz is the head photographer for […]

Take the risk and back yourself with Chad Blakely

03: Take the Risk and Bet on yourself with Chad Blakely

Episode 03 Chad Blakely created Lights over lapland, a Northern Lights photography tour company in the north of Sweden He started off by himself and a hand full of guests in his first season, his company has grown to great proportions which now includes a transport company to fulfil the logistical needs of his photo tours. […]

The PhotoPreneur Podcast with Graeme Murray

02 : Create Amazing work with Red Bull Photographer Graeme Murray

Redbull photographer Graeme Murray delivers value bombs and brings the business. We discuss with Graeme the mindest change to be successfull, with the business coming first and the passion coming after. Graeme discusses the importance of personal work, not giving away your work for free, how to prepare, create and then take advantage of the […]

Vernon Deck on the Photopreneur Podcast

01: Making it as a Snowboard Photographer with Vernon Deck.

Vernon is a Snowboard photography guru and has been has been Volcom’s head photographer for the past 10 years. Having  shot all the heavy hitters from Terje Haakonsen to Pat More and many others, with countless covers and billboards he has a mountain of knowledge. On this Episode I sit down with Vernon Deck before we […]

The PhotoPreneur Podcast

00: Welcome to the PhotoPreneur Podcast

Welcome to The PhotoPreneur Podcast. It’s exciting to finally launch this new podcast where we talk to successful photographers on how they started making money from their art and creating a photography business.  Value packed with actionable advice for you to impliment and start earning an income from your photography This very first episode is […]