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Brooke Shaden on the Photopreneur podcast

EP 19: Selling Fine Art Photography with Brooke Shaden

Brooke Shaden is an amazing fine art photographer creating portraits of dark fairytale scenes limited only be her Imagination. Her signature work is recognisable instantly, whilst she also educates others through online tutorials and speaking engagements. Lukas took the steering wheel on this episode and had a great talk with Brooke. With a lot of […]

F Scott Schafer on the Photopreneur Podcast

18: Shoot the stars but stay cool, with LA portrait photographer F Scott Schafer.

F Scott Schafer went from club rat, shooting the metal music scene to taking President Obama’s portrait in the white house. A brilliantly creative and fun guy this episode is packed full of value bombs. Whether you are naturally creative or have to learn how to ignite your creativity, starting a photography business comes down […]