The PhotoPreneur Podcast with Graeme Murray

02 : Create Amazing work with Red Bull Photographer Graeme Murray

Redbull photographer Graeme Murray delivers value bombs and brings the business.

We discuss with Graeme the mindest change to be successfull, with the business coming first and the passion coming after. Graeme discusses the importance of personal work, not giving away your work for free, how to prepare, create and then take advantage of the opportunities.

Earning an income from your photography is about being part entrepreneur and part artist, this episode with Graeme Murray highlights the importance of this collaboration.


What you will learn on this show

  • how to prepare your skills for the business world
  • what it’s like being a red bull photographer
  • shooting different sports and what this takes
  • Presenting your work and making connections.
  • Not doing free work.

Mentioned on the show

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