The Photopreneur Podcast with Emil Walker

07: One for the Videographers with Emil Walker

Episode #7, Emil Walker.

We jump on the line this week with our good friend Emil Walker. Filmer, director and editor in London, Emil is making a splash with content creation and videography.

Starting out as a ski bum, Emil has found a way to not only sustain a similar creative and fun lifestyle which includes travelling and creating documentaries, but also makes a living from it.

Amongst having a laugh about old times we chat about getting over the fear of taking the step to full time, faking it until you make it, connecting with like minded people and extending your network.

You never know, your next client may just be a friend of a friend that sent you a post on facebook.


What you will learn on this episode:

  • Not studying but getting real world experience.
  • Finding new gigs with facebook.
  • Taking jobs then taking time to create valuable personal projects.
  • Having a creative space to work.
  • Reaching out and surrounding yourself with great people.

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Emil Walker- The photopreneur podcast

Emil Walker

Emil Walker- The photopreneur podcast

Emil Walker