14: Be unique with Hasselblad ambassador and surreal photographer, Erik Johansson

For our first episode in the new year, we talk with Swedish photographer Erik Johansson. An outstanding and creative photographer, based in Prague Erik captures not moments but ideas. A Hassleblad ambassador, Erik uses countless images and Photoshop to bring his unique ideas to life.

We talk with Erik about business as a photographer when you are producing “Art” and creating ideas. He talks about his process, how he started, experimenting with photography, imagination, and building a portfolio of personal projects to find clients.

From the initial idea to finishing a project it can take Erik up to a couple years. We talk with Erik about how he offsets this massive time frame, why he does not sell any of his personal work, and how he approaches photography like a painter approaches a blank canvas.

We had a super cool time talking with Erik, he is very inspiring so check out his work as you listen to the podcast.


What you will learn on this episode:

  • building up your work
  • using your personal work as a portfolio to find paying clients
  • finding something that is unique to you that can allow you to stand out in the crowd.
  • The use of a photography agent.
  • Day rates and how to get your rates for clients.
  • Start with basic equipment and upgrade as the jobs come in.


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