Facebook advertising for photographers

EP 21: Facebook Advertising for Photographers with Stine Joergensen

We have often heard that Facebook advertising for photographers just doesn’t work, or that photographers have spent a ton of money on “Boosting” their posts by using the boost button with no real results.

As promised, this is the third and final episode where we dig into a specific topic relating to one part of photography business and we are excited to tighten the belt and jump straight in the world of paid advertising.

This episode we dig into finding customers and clients via paid facebook adds,  but as we have no idea about this, we are joined by Stine Joergensen a facebook marketing specialist. Stine fills us in on the real power of facebook advertising by using the free marketing tools that are offered with facebook instead of just the boost button. We find out how this can be tailored to reaching your specific audience, how not to waste money and if facebook advertising is really applicable for your photography.

I would almost classify this show as a consultation call as we pick Stine’s brain about how he can make facebook adds work for us and thus I wouldn’t be surprised if we receive an invoice from Stine for her amazing chat. Lukas asks the question that we all want to know, “what is the first thing I should do?”.


What you will learn on this episode:

  • Why use facebook advertising
  • Where to start
  • why you should learn the free facebook marketing tools and not use the boost button
  • marketing with a purpose
  • Get specific and really target your customers

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