How to make money as a volunteer, with Jeff Schultz on the photopreneur podcast

05: How to make money as a volunteer, with Jeff Schultz

Episode #05

Being a volunteer doesn’t sound profitable, however Jeff Schultz has found the recipe to making a great career and selling his work through volunteering.

Finding a specialty and being unique is a true ingredient to being recognised as a leader and building yourself a client base. Jeff Schultz is the head photographer for the Iditarod sled dog race in Alaska, as head photographer he is still just a volunteer but has now built a huge name for himself in the sled dog community and sells his absolutely amazing shots to every “man and his dog”.


What you will learn on this episode:

  • What it’s like shooting during The Iditarod in freezing conditions.
  • Working as a volunteer and how to make that profitable
  • Selling Stock photography
  • Creating a mailing list
  • Reaching your audience through social media
  • Adding to your income through publishing your own books
  • Pre selling a book through kickstarter
  • Staying on top of SEO to generate leads for workshops
  • Jeff Schultz give some great advice for just starting out. What’s the first thing to do in order to make an income.
  • Being specialized.




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