EP 16_Josh Cripps

16: You-tube, workshops and educational products with Joshua Cripps.

Do you want to have your own You-tube channel? Start photography workshops or provide educational products? Joshua Cripps Joins us this week to chat about it all.

Josh has a fantastic you-tube channel, he is charismatic and the channel is fun and entertaining to watch at the same time being super valuable in learning photography.

Josh started as a landscape photographer, and although he announces, “Prints are not dead” he discovered people were more willing to learn how to take the photo themselves then they were to pay for the print. He slowly transitioned over from sea scape and landscape photography print sales to providing courses and content which now makes up the majority of his income.

If you are a landscape photographer trying to figure out how to make an income, or you are thinking of creating educational products as a way to share your knowledge and create some cash then this episode is a must listen.


What you will learn on this episode:

  • Should you be teaching?
  • Starting your you-tube channel
  • Providing Workshops
  • Using your un-fair advantage
  • Josh’s tip for starting out.

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