How to make money as a landscape photographer

Ep 6: How Landscape Photographers Can Make an Income, with David Johnston

Episode #06 with DAVID JOHNSTON


For a long time now I have wondered how landscape photographers make money. I myself have been doing more and more landscape photography, and other then just being stoked on getting out and exploring I am left wondering how to pay for the gear that I want to buy to make those shots better and better.

If you are like me, then you will be super stoked with this episode where David Johnston, landscape and adventure photographer from Tennese opens up the book on exactly how he makes money. We deep dive into the facts and talk about actionable steps so that you can start creating an income with your landscape photography as well.

Don’t be shy, the answers to your questions are all packed into this episode.


What you will learn on this episode:

  • Can you still make money selling prints?
  • Selling your photos to local tourism and travel companies.
  • How to approach emailing prospective clients.
  • Making an income through photography education online.
  • What is the best income earner in terms of education products.
  • Giving away things for free
  • Step by step on how to create your own email list and audience.


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