LR TImelapse creator, Gunther Wegner on the Photopreneur podcast

13: Creating a photography business without getting paid for your photography with LR Time lapse creator, Gunther Wegner

Do you take time Lapse Photography? If you do you should check out LRTimelapse, It will make your life easy and your time lapses looking sweet.
If you don’t take time lapses it doesn’t matter, this show with Gunther Wegner is super cool and relevant to all photographers, as we chat about the untold parts of business.

On this episode we chat about creating a photography business without out actually getting paid for your photography. Gunther is the creator of LRTimelapse, software that integrates with Lightroom which makes making time-lapses super good and easy to post process.

Gunther had a full time job whilst working on the side with a blog and  LRTimelapse. We talk about making the transition from your job to your own thing, travelling, workshops, working for pleasure and doing projects that you are excited about. We also talking about using gear that you can afford and instead invest in your creativity, utilise your time effectively to create something. The side of business that isn’t attractive also makes it into the conversation, the amount of time that it actually takes to establish a meaningful business, having to do accounting and all those unexciting parts.

We had a fantastic time chatting with Gunther, he keeps it real, authentic and is great inspiration to keep on charging with your business.


What you will learn on this episode:

  • Using your time effectively
  • When it makes sense to make the switch from your job to your own business
  • What you can do with LRTimelapse
  • The truth about the fuzzy line where your business and free time integrate.
  • Is it important to have business partners?
  • Saying no to photography gigs to spend your time where it counts the most.
  • Doing things that are really unique.
  • Give without thinking about what you will get back
  • A good way to earn an income from your blog.


Mentioned on the show:

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