Nick Page on the Photopreneur Podcast

15: Turn pro within a year and the best way to use Facebook marketing with Nick Page.

What is the secret to becoming a pro within a year of picking up a camera? Nick Page joins us this week to tell us how he has achieved such great success in such a short period of time. We talk about all the different areas of photography he pursues from Landscape Photography, Pro Sports, weddings and portraits to creating content and educational products.

We discuss Facebook marketing. Nick explains his marketing strategy which is one that we haven’t heard of before, but is what Nick credits to his success and how he finds his gigs.

We had a super fun yarn with Nick, he is one of the best photographers out there and is a great guy to chat to.

If you implement the tips that Nick shares on this episode you are guaranteed to climb the ladder into the world of professional photography. Don’t forget to check him out and soak up his content.


What you will learn on this epsiode:

  • How you can find your first gigs
  • How to improve your photography as fast as possible
  • Facebook marketing for photographers
  • Grow your facebook following
  • Pricing your work correctly from the start.


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