Pasi Salminen on the photopreneur podcast

08: Get paid even when your shots get stolen with Cannon Nordic Photographer Pasi Salminen

Episode #8, Pasi Salminen.

Finland’s own snowboard photography guru and Canon Nordic Photographer Pasi Salminen joins us this week. Pasi has been Eero Etalla’s photographer for the past 12 years and has a wealth of knowledge not only within the snowboarding industry but across the table.

On this episode we talk more then just snowboarding and discuss the change from physical magazines prints to online media and how this impacts photographer’s income. The topic of giving images for ‘Exposure’ comes up again plus we ask for advice on companies and people using your images without consent online. Pasi tells us what works for him in this situation and how he gets paid even when his shots get stolen.

As always, we find out what we should be doing today that can move us forwards with starting a photography business.


What you will learn on this episode:

  • How to get commercial clients in the sport industry
  • Where the snowboard industry is heading
  • Giving away images for Exposure, is this a good idea?
  • Getting compensation for your images that are stolen online.
  • Shooting at night, get creative!
  • Passion versus work.

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