Fund your photography using kickstarter, with Peter Cox on the Photopreneur podcast

09: Fund your photography using Kickstarter, with Landscape Photographer Peter Cox

Episode #9, Peter Cox.

The topic of this week’s episode is, Kickstarter. The crowd sourcing platform that allows you to sell your product before you produce it. Kickstarter is mainly used by tech developers or entrepreneurs wanting to validate a product, so we talk with irish landscape photographer Peter Cox on how this platform can be used by photographers as a viable way to create an income.

Peter Cox has used kickstarter to fund two of his photography books. Having great success with his two campaigns and amongst the most funded photography projects on kickstarter, Peter tells us how he did it, tips and best methods for someone wanting to use kickstarter themselves and what this platform means for photographers in general.

Peter cox has found a unique angle on landscape photographer helping him to stand out from the crowd and create a great customer base. This unique perspective is aerial landscape photography. With the help of drones becoming more affordable this angle on landscape photography will not be so unique in the coming future however Peter is ahead of the crowd and even started by shooting from a helicopter.

Although an interesting discussion, we don’t talk much about drone photography on this episode but Peter’s work is amazing so you should definitely check it out.


Discussed on this episode:

  • drone photography
  • Creating a successful kickstarter project.
  • Establishing your first backers
  • Finding press and marketing your campaign
  • Fulfilment of your rewards
  • Kickstarter as a viable means of generating an income from your photography.


Mentioned on the show:


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