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Facebook advertising for photographers

EP 21: Facebook Advertising for Photographers with Stine Joergensen

We have often heard that Facebook advertising for photographers just doesn’t work, or that photographers have spent a ton of money on “Boosting” their posts by using the boost button with no real results. As promised, this is the third and final episode where we dig into a specific topic relating to one part of […]

Photography pricing with rosh sillars on the photopreneur podcast

Ep 20: How to set your pricing and start charging for your photography, with Rosh Sillars

Pricing your photography, or in fact talking money with anyone can be an awkward moment let alone when you are asking someone to pay you for something you would do for fun. Pricing is a tricky thing but at the end of the day, business is business, and your photography is valuable. Rosh Sillars is […]

Brooke Shaden on the Photopreneur podcast

EP 19: Selling Fine Art Photography with Brooke Shaden

Brooke Shaden is an amazing fine art photographer creating portraits of dark fairytale scenes limited only be her Imagination. Her signature work is recognisable instantly, whilst she also educates others through online tutorials and speaking engagements. Lukas took the steering wheel on this episode and had a great talk with Brooke. With a lot of […]

F Scott Schafer on the Photopreneur Podcast

18: Shoot the stars but stay cool, with LA portrait photographer F Scott Schafer.

F Scott Schafer went from club rat, shooting the metal music scene to taking President Obama’s portrait in the white house. A brilliantly creative and fun guy this episode is packed full of value bombs. Whether you are naturally creative or have to learn how to ignite your creativity, starting a photography business comes down […]

Julian stocker on the photopreneur podcast

17: The fastest way to get your first client, sending emails with Julian Stocker

In this episode we take a look at the fundamentals of a photography business… Getting a client and getting paid! What is the quickest way you can get a client and start actually making a business? As a photographer, this isn’t spending hours designing your logo or perfecting your website, it’s actual conversations with perspective […]

EP 16_Josh Cripps

16: You-tube, workshops and educational products with Joshua Cripps.

Do you want to have your own You-tube channel? Start photography workshops or provide educational products? Joshua Cripps Joins us this week to chat about it all. Josh has a fantastic you-tube channel, he is charismatic and the channel is fun and entertaining to watch at the same time being super valuable in learning photography. […]

Nick Page on the Photopreneur Podcast

15: Turn pro within a year and the best way to use Facebook marketing with Nick Page.

What is the secret to becoming a pro within a year of picking up a camera? Nick Page joins us this week to tell us how he has achieved such great success in such a short period of time. We talk about all the different areas of photography he pursues from Landscape Photography, Pro Sports, […]


14: Be unique with Hasselblad ambassador and surreal photographer, Erik Johansson

For our first episode in the new year, we talk with Swedish photographer Erik Johansson. An outstanding and creative photographer, based in Prague Erik captures not moments but ideas. A Hassleblad ambassador, Erik uses countless images and Photoshop to bring his unique ideas to life. We talk with Erik about business as a photographer when […]

LR TImelapse creator, Gunther Wegner on the Photopreneur podcast

13: Creating a photography business without getting paid for your photography with LR Time lapse creator, Gunther Wegner

Do you take time Lapse Photography? If you do you should check out LRTimelapse, It will make your life easy and your time lapses looking sweet. If you don’t take time lapses it doesn’t matter, this show with Gunther Wegner is super cool and relevant to all photographers, as we chat about the untold parts […]

Nitro Circus Photographer lars Scharl

12: Nitro Circus and adding “world’s first” to your portfolio with legendary photographer, Lars Scharl

Lars Scharl is  the first photographer I have seen with “worlds first” as part of their portfolio. Based close to Munich in Germany, Lars has shot for many of the worlds best mountain bike riders, the likes of Antoine Bizet and capture many of the biggest events in the industry such as Red Bull Rampage […]