Photography pricing with rosh sillars on the photopreneur podcast

Ep 20: How to set your pricing and start charging for your photography, with Rosh Sillars

Pricing your photography, or in fact talking money with anyone can be an awkward moment let alone when you are asking someone to pay you for something you would do for fun. Pricing is a tricky thing but at the end of the day, business is business, and your photography is valuable. Rosh Sillars is here to enlighten us all on how to price your work and start charging for it.

Rosh is a veteran photographer with years of experience selling his work and educating others on photography business.
With a wealth of knowledge a ton of resources on his blog, (check it out, you won’t regret it, but it is likely you will deep dive through his archives) we were excited to have Rosh on the show as finally we could have our questions answered and start to get this pricing done right.

On this episode Rosh and I chat about the different options to charging for your work, (more realistically, I ask the questions and Rosh tells me how it is and then I’m like “ok, I will start doing that”) , when it suits to charge one way and when it suits to charge another. Rosh explains how you can find your value and your day rate as a starting point for pricing, and how to take action in getting out of the rut of doing free work.

Lukas and I (Carl) have previously talked about doing a few episodes where we focus on one topic regarding the business of photography. I feel like this topic of Pricing is super important, becuase without getting paid for your work you don’t have a business.

What you will learn on this episode:

  • Figuring out what you are worth
  • Different pricing structures, day rates/per image pricing etc
  • How to get from doing free work to starting to charge for it.
  • Charging for usage and rights of your images.
  • Copyrights of your images.
  • Keeping the rights to your images to re-sell your work.
  • Number one tip for starting to charge and set your pricing.

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