Nitro Circus Photographer lars Scharl

12: Nitro Circus and adding “world’s first” to your portfolio with legendary photographer, Lars Scharl

Lars Scharl is  the first photographer I have seen with “worlds first” as part of their portfolio.

Based close to Munich in Germany, Lars has shot for many of the worlds best mountain bike riders, the likes of Antoine Bizet and capture many of the biggest events in the industry such as Red Bull Rampage and Nine Knights. He also made his way into the Nitro Circus crew to take images of the world’s first action sport tricks.

We were super excited to chat with Lars, and find out firstly how do you get to shoot for such people and events, and what it is like when you are actually there? Business still applies, so we find out how to make these projects profitable and he tells us how you can also get started.

We don’t talk about this on the show, but I think it is good to know that these big photographers are diverse. Lars is big in the mountain bike scene and it is the major part of his photography, but he still shoots locally for business’s taking portraits etc, adding another income stream and keeping the business going outside of the biking events.


What you will learn on this podcast

  • Reaching out to sponsors and selling your shots
  • Finding a good crew of athletes to take photos with
  • Take a chance, reach out and do a good job.
  • Do or die tricks, so you better get the shot
  • How to get to shoot for big action sports events like Nine Knights.
  • Mixing family and business.
  • The best advice for photographers starting up.


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